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If you have an existing SSAS – and are wanting to engage us as your Practitioner, then these are the steps involved.

Please type into and email all documents – this lets us copy/paste from them without any typos causing issues… plus we can update them as things change (such as your address). Thank you! 

(At no time will we ever give advice on investments or have access to your SSAS Bank account. We will not introduce you to anyone with investments available – If you need investment advice we suggest you speak to an IFA or Property Expert)


The first step with all our clients is to have a telephone consultation so we can find out more about your specific scenario and make sure you are getting the right advice. This step is the most important. In order to add us as your Practitioner. We need to make sure that your SSAS establishment fits with our Practitioner services. There may also be steps required at your end with regards to the removal of existing 3rd party experts, such as Professional Trustees/Administrators.

Call our Technical Director Paul Stewart on 01789 614 266 to get the wheels in motion.

If you want to book a call back – then simply click here and select a time that works for you!

All SSAS pensions have someone in the role of ‘Scheme Administrator’ – this is a formal role and one that is registered with HMRC and noted on their system that holds details of your SSAS. A Scheme Administrator can then appoint a Scheme ‘Practitioner’ to do all the HMRC reporting for them. The existing Scheme Administrator is also the only person able to appoint a NEW Scheme Administrator.

For the existing Administrator to appoint you as the NEW Administrator, you will need an ‘Administrator ID’ number from HMRC – which will be in the format of “A2001234”.

Ideally, if you are wanting to keep things under your control, you would be the one to apply for this Administrator ID – so that you have a Government Gateway to be able to log in and add us as Practitioners when (if) that is what you decide you want to do.

Some providers have special systems in place to get Administrator ID’s and add you – but you will need to get all the ‘Gateway’ log-in details from them as well as your Administrator ID. Logging in may require a TXT to be sent and it may have been set up with a mobile number from your old provider – so ask them for not just the Gateway Log-in details (User ID and Password) but also confirmation as to what 2nd level security is ued and if that is a TXT to a mobile, when can you log in and know that they will be available to txt this over to you so you can log in and change the mobile number on the Gateway.

Sometimes we find it easier to get your own Administrator ID and email that to your provider so they can ‘ADD’ you (See steps below) – but please check as they may have already added you!

The other role that a professional 3rd party might have is that of TRUSTEE – if your Scheme Administrator is ALSO a TRUSTEE – then they need to be removed, which will need to be done by them before we are clear to move forwards. You can check this by looking at your ESTABLISHING DEED – as that lays out who is acting as TRUSTEE at the outset. In many cases, you as the ‘Members’ will be the only Trustees, but it is always best to double check!

The final thing involved in working together is banking. Most bank accounts used within a SSAS require there to be a 3rd party professional to co-sign all outgoing transfers. If your Scheme uses METRO BANK, then that is relatively easy to deal with, as we are one of their approved partners. All we need to do is send them a NEW Mandate showing who is to sign on the account, and your old professional ‘Administrator’ or ‘Practitioner’ can be removed. We do not need them to do anything, as we can manage that step between us.

So in summary – you will need to check to see if you are the Scheme Administrator already (and have an Administrator ID).

If you are ALREADY the Administrator and have this ID – you can skip past the following and we can begin the work to get you moved over to Segmented Solutions as your Practitioner.

If NOT – you should follow the instructions below and get yourself a clean new Gateway with a clean new Administrator ID number. 

This can then be emailed to your provider with the instructions for them to ADD you and remove themselves. Here are the steps to do that: 

You’ll need a NEW Government Gateway for this role (even if you have one for your personal tax etc) this is 100% only for the SSAS Admin role….

So you’ll need to go to:

Click on the GREEN “SIGN IN” button. There may be a temporary information screen – with “continue to my account” as a link at the bottom – click to continue….

You’ll then be taken to the “log in” page where you can put in your Gateway ID and Password. But as you’ve not got one yet, you’ll need to click on “Create Sign In Details” which is a link just below the normal green ‘Sign In’ button.

When you click to Create Sign in details – you’ll be asked for an email address so that HMRC can email you a CODE.

All you’ll need to do is copy/paste this code into the next screen and follow the steps to put in your name and password.

When you log into your account it will ask you what TYPE (Personal, Business etc) of Gateway Account you want. As a SSAS is a TRUST – you’ll need to select the option for Business & Trusts.

At the end you’ll have a NEW Government Gateway set up ready for you to apply for your role as Administrator. (You need to apply as an INDIVIDUAL).

Obviously please remember to make a note of your new Gateway ID (!) as this is needed by you in later steps.

When you LOG IN to your Gateway Account, you’ll need to ADD a TAX OR SCHEME to the account. So – click on the link to ADD a scheme.

Next you’ll be presented with a list of taxes which DO NOT APPLY – so go to the BOTTOM and select “OTHER”. This will take you to a screen where you can select MANAGE AND REGISTER PENSIONS from the list.

From there on the system will let you Register as a Scheme Administrator – and you’ll get your Administrator ID.

When asked about your Pensions knowledge – simply say ‘NO’ you don’t have pensions knowledge – as you are supported by a Practitioner – Segmented Solutions Limited, address is The Mansley Business Centre, Timothy’s Bridge Road, Stratford upon Avon, Warwickshire CV37 9NQ. Email is

When you have your Administrator ID – you can be invited by your current Administrators to be the Administrator. Once they have ‘invited you’ to be added – HMRC will email you asking you to ACCEPT this invitation. Once you have logged into your SSAS Gateway and accepted this ‘invitation’ – your SSAS will have 2 Administrators. The OLD one – PLUS you.

You can now email your old provider and tell them to remove themselves as Administrators.

If they were ALSO acting as Professional Trustees, you will need to complete a ‘Deed of Removal’ to formalise their removal. They should provide you with this Deed, and remove themselves as Trustees – before removing themselves as Administrators.

If they are Trustees and have NOT removed themselves – or sent you a DEED to remove themselves, we can assist you with that process as it has 2 steps: paperwork and HMRC systems.

The next step is all about what information we need from you!


In order to complete the next step, the Directors will need to have downloaded and read the following document:

Segmented Solutions Fee Schedule

Then we need to get some details about the SSAS we are taking over. This will require you to have downloaded and completed 2 Forms.

A Member Application Form for EACH Member. As each Member is already a Trustee of the Scheme, there is no need to sign this document.

We ask that all our forms are downloaded, saved and typed into, rather than printed and hand written. Once complete, simply email them over to us:

Segmented Solutions Member Application Form

Segmented Solutions Practitioner Application Form

Alongside completing these Forms and sending them to us, you will need to attach a copy of the following:

a) Signed/Witnessed copy of the original Establishing Deed (and any Additional Deeds) for the Scheme.

b) Copy of the PSTR Certificate from HMRC confirming the date and pension scheme tax reference number for the scheme.
     (For older schemes, this may simply be a screen shot from the HMRC system)

We will also need to see some certified and up to date ID:

Segmented Solutions ID Verification


The next step is BANKING. We need to add ourselves as a co-signatory to your account. If you have a Metro Bank account, we will need the account number from you so we can complete the correct NEW Bank Mandate. This will tell the bank who the new 3rd party professional is that will be signing your outgoing payments.

If you bank with anyone else, you may not be allowed to add Segmented Solutions Limited as we are NOT acting as your TRUSTEE. If that is the case, then you will need to open a new Metro Bank account and ask that your old provider signs the paperwork to have all the funds in your OLD bank account moved over to your new one.

We will of course be hand holding you through that process too. As always – any questions – ask us anytime!


As your Practitioners/Administrators we will be responsible for reporting to HMRC annually – to cover events such as taking benefits and to keep HMRC informed about the asset values within the SSAS.

The final document required is the Practitioner/Administrator Appointment Deed – which once completed and signed will formally engage us. You will then be able to log into your HMRC Gateway and click on the ‘Authorise Practitioner’ link to make this formal with HMRC. By doing this, you will also know the location of the link to REMOVE us at any time. Which gives you total control and keeps us on our toes!

We will prepare the final Deed of Appointment of Practitioner for you and email it over for completion once we have covered off all the previous steps.

As always – any questions – ask us anytime!