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Small Self Administered Pensions (SSAS)

Self Administered Pensions are amazing if used properly – Your own Tax Exempt Family Trust.

If you want a SSAS for your Business to save Corporation Tax or to shelter property investments from tax – then you have come to the right place!

If you scroll down this page – You’ll see our FREE SSAS Masterclass + There are 4 SSAS Case Studies PLUS – an amazing  SSAS Chatbot that you can use to get access to ALL the documents you need to establish your own SSAS!

(At no time will we ever give advice on investments. We will not introduce you to anyone with investments available – If you need investment advice we suggest you speak to an IFA)

Segmented Solutions offers a bespoke SSAS Planning Service which includes access to additional tools that can be used alongside a SSAS to mitigate the Lifetime Allowance, Lending Restrictions and Residential Property Restrictions:


  1. SSAS Establishment.
  2. SSAS Practitionership.
  3. SSAS Administration.
  4. QNUPS Establishment.
  5. EPUT Establishment.

If you are an IFA, Accountant or Tax Advisor looking for a provider with a complete range of solutions and the knowledge to back them up  – then please do not hesitate to get in contact with us.

Please note that we will not get involved in investment advice or recommendations to explore or look into any specific investments. We are NOT an IFA business, so it is important that you make your own investment decisions and seek your own advice. When you establish your SSAS, your Banking will be with Barclays Bank who have a specialist SSAS Unit. We will hand hold you through the Application process as part of our ‘SSAS establishment’ process. 

A wide range of tax planning blog notes can also be read here: 

This first case study talks you through how it is possible to make a SSAS Contribution using an existing commercial property instead of ‘cash’ – something that many Advisors think is no longer allowed simply because HMRC do not allow this for SIPPs (Self Invested Personal Pensions), which are totally different types of pensions!

This second case study highlights the problems associated with owning commercial property within a number of SIPPs – Rather than using a SSAS. On death the SIPP’s can require costly administration to re-arrange asset ownership and Land Registry details – whereas a SSAS can simply rearrange ownership internally, with very little Admin (or costs!) required.

This third case study highlights a number of ways in which a business owner can make use of their Entrepreneurs Relief (or as we know it now… (Business Asset Disposal) reliefs. It is also possible to ‘sell’ a business for many millions of pounds and for the owners to pay 0% CGT on the sale. This case study talks you through 3 options and how they might work!

This fourth case study looks at the planning that is possible for a married couple owning a commercial property that they currently rent out to their own business. We take them from paying high rate tax on the rent right through to them being owed tax free money with the rent being received tax free into their family SSAS! 

Paul Stewart - SSAS Administrator

Every SSAS is required to have an Administrator with an HMRC issued ID. Once established, a SSAS Administrator can appoint a company/individual with Scheme Practitioner ID to take care of their Scheme Admin. Paul Stewart (Our MD) has worked for over 30 years as Pensions Technical Support to IFA’s and Accountants and has been a Chartered Insurance Institute Examiner for an advanced Pensions Exam – as well as Technical Training Manager for a Major Life Office in the UK.  Segmented Solutions can provide you with both Administrator and Practitioner ID’s to help get your planning underway both swiftly and properly.