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If your business could make an R&D Tax Credit Claim – it could be worth thousands of pounds to you!

But where do you start and what exactly is an R&D claim?

We are proud to be working with PCL Reclaim so that we can give you access to a full Research & Development Tax Credit Claim support service.

PCL Reclaim will be happy to talk to you to assess if you qualify and if so, how much you can claim. Segmented Solutions will then provide you with a custom Report that will be sent to HMRC to initiate your claim. We have even added in support for your accountants in filling in your CT600’s correctly. A complete end to end service.

If you want to know more about Research & Development Tax Credits, how they work and what they might be worth to you – watch the video below.

As a FREE Bonus you can also watch our entire SSAS Masterclass – and then book yourself a bespoke Tax and SSAS Tax Planning Consultation (Click here to Book!)