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A Qualifying Non-UK Pension Scheme (QNUPS) is a type of offshore pension that ‘Qualifies’ under HMRC rules for a number of tax benefits. Many people confuse them with a QROPS (Qualifying Recognised Offshore Pension Schemes). They are different – in that the QROPS is ‘recognised’ by HMRC as one that is able to receive transfers from other ‘approved’ pensions (such as ex-employer’s schemes, SIPPS and SSAS’s).

Approved pensions allow contributions that receive tax relief on the way into the scheme, but there are limits on the size of pension that can be accrued – this Lifetime Limit is currently £1.07m (2020). This Limit increases each year in line with inflation. When an approved pension is transferred into a QROPS, there is a calculation carried out to assess how much of this ‘Lifetime Limit’ has been used up. This is called a ‘Crystallisation’ event. The Lifetime Limit does not apply to a QNUPS as it does not receive transfers from approved pension schemes that have received tax relief.

A QNUPS is used for making contributions where no tax relief is given on the contributions – but there are still major tax benefits associated with using a QNUPS to shelter investments from capital gains tax, income tax and of course inheritance tax.

Investments within a QNUPS are not restricted in the same way as for a QROPS or a SSAS – so making them the ideal tax shelter for Residential Property.

When taking benefits from a QNUPS – (from the age of 55) a ‘tax free lump sum’ of 25% of the fund is available. This forms part of the allowable limit on tax free cash under the normal pensions rules – but we do have planning available that will work around that and enable tax free benefits to be paid from age 55 from a QNUPS. The rules we use to achieve tax free access to funds from a QNUPS are related to annuity rules which follow HMRC’s own guidance and accepted practice. 


There are a whole range of amazing uses for a QNUPS – they can invest into shares in your business and pay 0% tax on any dividends or growth in the shares. With the Entrepreneur’s Relief being restricted to only £1m – putting shares into a QNUPS can shelter ALL the future profits from CGT, not just the first £1m.

A QNUPS can also grant loans to your UK company and all interest charged is received in the QNUPS free from tax – but is still an allowable expense for the company taking on the loan.

Where a Director has a ‘Director’s Loan’ in excess of £350,000 we can take the loan and make it a ‘contribution’ to the QNUPs. The company now owes the QNUPS the money and all interest paid will be received tax free by the QNUPS and as before – the interest will be an allowable expense within the company, which reduces the corporation tax payable.

An example of using a Director’s Loan could look something like this:

Loan = £500,000. Interest rate = 8%.

Employer pays £40,000 into the QNUPS as interest on the loan. The QNUPS pays no tax and the £40,000 can be invested just like in a normal pension – without tax! The added bonus is that that any loan capital repaid will fall outside the estate for IHT purposes – saving even more in tax and making the QNUPS an idea tax shelter. Our FREE Tax Consultation will let us tell you more based on your specific situation.